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                         Lactose intolerance

Hey friends, ever wondered the milk that all of us drink can also be harmful for our body besides its benefits. So, lets explore the pros and cons of milk. let's go.

Ever since humans started domesticating animals like sheep, cows and goat milk has become an integral part of our diet due to its nutritional values and health benefits. But in recent times milk and other dairy products have become controversial as some people claim it to be unhealthy and a reason behind many fatal diseases.

Some of the complaints also have evidence two back back them up. The biggest complaint about milk is its connection with an enzyme called lactose, which is produced in our body. You see when we are babies our body generates enough lactose to break milk sugar lactose that helps digest milk easily.



But as we grow older the lactose production decreases, which makes it hard to digest milk in the condition called lactose intolerance. Not only that but cows milk is the leading cause of allergic reactions in young children. It is one of the eight food responsible for 90% of childhood allergies.

Besides all this the best known adverse of consuming milk are the development of acne. Yes researchers have found out that skimmed milk can increase the rate of acne by 24%.  But people fighting a case against milk aren't just stopping there, and challenging it with more serious accusations such as the development of cardiovascular diseases, brittle bones and even cancer.

But, is there any truth to these claims? Well some old time researchers saw slight connection between milk and the risk of certain types of cancers? But recently in depth studies have debunked these claims and found no connection at all between them. In fact the calcium present in milk might play a role to protect us from colon cancer.

Likewise any studies didn't find any risk of the connection of milk with life threatening diseases. But strangely enough when it comes to our bones it is a little complicated as it has neither good or bad effects on adults.
But the vital question remains is milk healthy or not? Well despite, all the doubts about it one thing is for sure, that all kinds of milks are full of nutrients like fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals.

So in places with a limited food supply and low standard of living milk can be a good source of energy that can help reduce child mortality. living in well standard places unless they have allergic to  then or those who have lactose intolerance, milk can be a good source of energy and vitamin B in general. So milk retains its case and places itself healthy drink.

Did you know that about 62% of the population is lactose intolerance. Which means they can't digest more than 150ml of milk a day .

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